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Nickolas Casalinuovo
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Last year, I embarked on a journey deep into the realms of fitness. I set a New Year's resolution, and stuck to it!

Researchers at University College London suggested that it takes 66 days for someone to form a habit. I desperately wanted to form an exercise habit.

As a result, I compiled an all inclusive New Year's Resolution: Workout every day and consistently work towards efficiently get results. Here is the ONLY way you are going to see results in 2019!

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New Year, New ME

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Part of my new year's resolution was to workout every day: no exceptions, no excuses, and no days off. I structured my plan so that I was working out a singular body part every day. Then, by the the I went through all of the body parts, I was back at the first with plenty of rest.

I passed my goal of 66 days straight, and reached almost double that. My first day off was a sick day. If you are sick, please rest; your body needs it.

Here is a picture before the new year:

Nickolas Casalinuovo Get Fit With Nick 2017 12 5

Although I had a little foundation, I was just skinny. I did not have any prior muscle.

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CLAIM Literature review

There were many factors into increasing my mass and muscle sizes. I exercised at least 45-60 minutes every day starting in the new year.

I do not care who tells you anything. The number one rule for an amazing, healthy, good looking body is consistency. Work hard, and the results will come.

This is me a short few months after, chiseling my body while also gaining muscle.

As you can see, my chest gained a lot of size. This was me in the beginning of May.

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Of course I changed course along the way. With the new year, I learned a lot about fitness. With extensive research and planning, I have even launched my own supplement line!

With proper supplementation, I was able to grow significantly. Starting from the beginning of the new year, I was able to gain a ton of size and cut stubborn fat.

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